Oracle House Of Healing does provide house calls upon request...fees may vary

All consult are done by appointment only. Therefore you must call and schedule
​ an appointment time. ​Consult Fees are on a sliding scale and may vary between clients.

 What to bring to your consultation.

Please bring a detailed list of your concerns,

​  -Dates of when your concern started,. if you can remember. 
​  -A list of any medications you may presently be taking​.
​  -An open mind and a loving spirit​....

​  -Be prepared to consult with me for at least on hour. and a half.

 Although the online consults price from this site are set. I work on a sliding scale.
​ So feel free to speak with me personally. @ Oracle House Of Healing Ms. Gezele @ ​646-409- 4986

 I look forward to assisting you on your quest to a quality of life lifestyle..

 It has always been Mind over Matter (if you! don't mind it won't matter), learn to be aware  your thoughts and how to direct them..​ 

 Things around us are always changing and so must we. We must be   
  ​actively fluid with change and that also includes the way we think..
  Just food for thought.​ ​​​​


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Feel Better, Look Better, Be Better ,
​One Day at  a time

      Nia Gezele

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