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 Gezele,  your personal  Alternative Healing Adviser

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​                    One Day at A Time.

  Nia Gezele
Mind, Body and Spirit

​​​All of our products are made with organic or wild-crafted herbs.
​We use only the highest quality ingredients to create the highest quality products..
​Made with love and good intent.. ​


Herbal Teas should be sipped slowly and over a period of time.
This is how you best receive the essential properties of the Herbs.​
Always use glass not plastic when steeping and sipping teas.​ 
​​Steeping is when you put tea into a glass cup, pour hot water in then cover the cup and leave it set for at lease 15min..

Our Specialty Products


​​Love Your Hair Herbal Pomade 
(4.oz Jar) - $13.00
​Made with 9-13 different herbs based in olive, coconut
and essential ​oils. For the strengthening of your roots, conditioning
​of your scalp and the growth of your hair.
​This is a hair food for hair of any type.​



​​​​​​Angel Spray (1.oz atomizer spray bottle) - $26..00
Spiritual armor, protection.. Shields you with Frankincense, ​Myrrh
​and other organic essentials.. Uplifts the Spirit & clears away negativity.  
​Made with Love and Good intent.


Spiritual wash Liquid Soap - $13.00
​Cleanses with the aroma of essential oils that uplifts the mind body and spirit.
​Wash off the muck and mash of the day.  Made with Love and Good Intent..




 Herbal Weavings
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Specialty Products

        Each herbal tea box yields
         approximately30 cups


​​         Organic Herbal Balancing Tea combos 
(30 cups) $10.00
        ​Organic Personalized Targeted Formulated Teas
(30 cups) $20.00
      ​​Hair Nutrient Tea  Formula for drinking   
(.30 cups) $20.00

​​   All Teas are made to balance and restore. When used as a daily regimen

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