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These are some of the specialty products that Oracle House Of Healing has to offer:

 *Specific Tea Blends
 *Herbal Healthy Hair DrinkingTea  (strong beautiful hair support from within)
 *Healthy Hair and Scalp Oil (grow power)
 *Herbal Hair Pomade​​​​​   (hair food)
 *Spiritual Wash (protecting,, shielding, uplifting and cleansing)​
 *Angel Spray (eases tension, uplifts, cleanses auric field)
 *Personalized Herbal Extract Remedies​​ 
 ​*Personalized Herbal Tea formulations
 ​*Relaxing Herbal Baths, (Natural Soaps, Tooth Paste, Body oils and Lotions made by environmentally conscious co.)  
 ​*Tasty Infused Wines
                                                 *​All products by Oracle House are made in small batches for quality assurance.
                                                Phone orders or on line orders. Postal money,cash
                                               or credit card orders excepted.​ We strive for quality 
                                               and wellness. Your support is greatly appreciated​​


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